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David W. Taylor dtaylor at
Fri Apr 30 20:01:58 UTC 2004


This weekend I will begin thinking about which features would be 
beneficial to both Bugzilla and the Support System. It would be 
great if there are places where my development team and I can devote some 
time to Bugzilla *before* beginning a separate code branch, but eventually I think 
the functionality of a Support System is sufficiently different to merit 
an entirely distinct trunk.

-David Taylor

On Thu, 29 Apr 2004, Joel Peshkin wrote:

> David W. Taylor wrote:
> >To All:
> >
> >This may not the best venue for this discussion, but I'll start here and 
> >make the rounds as needed.
> >
> >I would like to start building a web based technical support system based 
> >on the current Bugzilla code.  The system would be loosely follow  the 
> >design specifications found at 
> >
> >  
> >
> David,
>   It seems that there is a set of features that such systems would need 
> that are useful to a number of Bugzilla sites.  Rather than starting by 
> forking, why not prepare a list of features needed that are not in 
> Bugzilla today?  After examining the list, we may find that there is a 
> set of features that make sense for both Bugzilla and your new project 
> and should be done in common code.  After that analysis, you can still 
> decide to stay merged, fork, or track.
> -Joel
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