please advice

sadia aina ainasadia at
Tue Sep 30 16:26:49 UTC 2003

  hello, i am working on bugzilla database as research
project. I am not understanding few things related to

1. every bug that is fixed needs a patch, but i can
see on query page in which there are fixed bugs whose
attachment is not a patch, why? is test case or some
text file could be used to fix a bug.

2, I got a bugzilla database, in which number of fixed
bugs is about 52,252 but number of attachments is
15,513 and number of patches is 4662. I dont
these statistics, the number of attachments shoud be
greater than number of fixed bugs.

3. If every fixed bug needs a patch then why the
ispatch feild in attachments table can contain a null

Aina Sadia

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