bugzillla database upgradation via cvs

David Miller justdave at bugzilla.org
Tue Sep 30 15:52:08 UTC 2003

On 9/30/2003 8:29 AM -0700, sadia aina wrote:

>   hi, I am using working on bugzilla database running
> under mysql,and i need to update the contents of
> databse via cvs. can anybody suggest how to do it.
> thanks.

1) make a backup of both your Bugzilla directory and the database.
   a) for the Bugzilla directory this is as easy as doing
      "cp -rp bugzilla bugzilla.bak"
   b) for the database, there's a number of options - see the MySQL docs
      and pick the one that fits you best (The easiest is to just make
      a physical copy of the database on the disk, but you have to have
      the database server shut down to do that without dataloss)
2) cd into your Bugzilla directory
3) cvs -q update -AdP     <-- if you want to update to the tip
   cvs -q update -dP -rTAGNAME    <-- if you want a specific version
     make sure to replace TAGNAME with BUGZILLA-2_16_3 or BUGZILLA-2_17_4
   If you've made no local changes, this should be very clean.  If you
   have made local changes, then watch the cvs output for C results...
   if you get any lines that start with a C it means there were conflicts
   between your local changes and what's in CVS.  You'll need to fix those
   manually before continuing.
4) ./checksetup.pl
   This will take care up updating the database for you as well as any
   other changes required for the new version to operate.

WARNING: Once you run checksetup.pl, the only way to go back is to restore
the backups.  You can't "downgrade" the system cleanly under most
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