Test Case Manager for Bugzilla

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Mon Sep 29 22:21:49 UTC 2003

Fuentetaja, Ed wrote:
> I should be able to commit some time to maintain this project. I would
> like to know if anyone else thinks that TestRunner is worth to be part
> of Bugzilla, maybe as an optional add-on, and what would be the steps
> necessary to be there.

 From a 30-second look, I'd say that it would be cool to have a unit 
test add-on for Bugzilla, but we wouldn't want it to be part of the core 
- that way lies bloat.

The UI seems quite confusing, with a lot of jargon. (This is not your 
fault, presumably. :-) It's hard to work out how it works, and what all 
the bits do, and why they are there.

zach at zachlipton.com was working on a test case management system called 
Litmus - perhaps you two should hook up.


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