Test Case Manager for Bugzilla

Dave Swegen dswegen at software.plasmon.com
Fri Sep 26 15:24:52 UTC 2003

On Fri, Sep 26, 2003 at 09:55:23AM -0500, Fuentetaja, Ed wrote:
> I have TestRunner working at You are
> welcome to enter and take a look. Refer also to TestRunner's web page
> for additional documentation.
> I should be able to commit some time to maintain this project. I would
> like to know if anyone else thinks that TestRunner is worth to be part
> of Bugzilla, maybe as an optional add-on, and what would be the steps
> necessary to be there.

I had a quick look at it, and it looks interesting. I've pointed our
head QA guy at it, and if he thinks it looks useful we _might_ be able
to put some effort into it (initially getting it to work with 2.17.n).

> Thank you all,

Thank you for pointing it out to us, and making an test install
available :)


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