Impressions from LinuxWorld

Jim Walters jimw at
Mon Jan 27 23:31:48 UTC 2003

Well, I guess 'powerful' like gdb. ;-)

I think the main point of confusion for someone looking at it the first 
time is that that the horizontal bars seem to indicate three sorts of 
definable datasets but only the first two have associated search 
buttons. But that isn't really the way it works. So the question is why 
are there two Search buttons. (I imagine for convenience if scrolled 
down the page.) Since the advanced query appears to be a superset of the 
possibilities in the above two section someone using it doesn't need the 
other fields and maybe it could be tabbed into an advanced query form 
similar to the top level organization of some search engines.

But really, I need to fiddle with it more and see what it "feels" like 
with the modification I described.


Gervase Markham wrote:

>> Besides the usual suspects ("What's up with the query page?"
> As in "how come it's changed so much from the default in Bugopolis?" 
> or "How come it's so complicated/powerful?"

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