Impressions from LinuxWorld

Gervase Markham gerv at
Mon Jan 27 22:30:14 UTC 2003

> Besides the usual suspects ("What's up with the query page?"

As in "how come it's changed so much from the default in Bugopolis?" or 
"How come it's so complicated/powerful?"

> - report generation capability
> - language support
> - integration with GForge/SourceForg
> - number of projects it can support

Now, basically unlimited, within the Product/Component 2-level limitation.

> I described the reports and query result formats for 2.16.x and 
> mentioned there are more wonderful things to come in 2.18 (right Gerv? 
> :-)).

Have you tried the patch on bug 16009? ;-) It's still quite rough around 
the edges, but I'm looking to polish it up RSN.

> I really had to punt on listing all available languages since I've 
> seen German, rumors of Russian and some really old Japanese support. But 

Yes. The problem is that it's still not possible, quite, to do a full 
localisation without changing code - we still haven't sorted out all the 
edge cases, and things like mail. There's a 12xxxx bug I have to review 
to that end.

> Bugzilla supported languages and putting them on the box. Also, I'm I 
> correct (I didn't promised this to anyone) in saying that the TT library 
> will switch templates based on the language of the client browser?

As of last week, yes :-)

> One quick question... is anything being changed with the query page? 
> Would tabs like in the user prefs help? Same question for the admin 
> options.

The admin options are going to get tabbified if I have anything to say 
about it. But, as for the query page, if you want something simpler, use 
a custom template, removing the options your users don't use.


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