Impressions from LinuxWorld

Jim Walters jimw at
Mon Jan 27 21:15:29 UTC 2003

The nice part about having Bugzilla as part of the product is that its 
pretty well known. Of the people stopping by the booth maybe only 25% 
didn't know it by name. So we didn't have to demo the product too 
heavily. But for those who wanted to see a demo they seemed pretty happy.

Besides the usual suspects ("What's up with the query page?" "Can it be 
integrated with XYZ source control system?") there was a lot of interest 
in the following aspects:

- report generation capability
- language support
- integration with GForge/SourceForge
- number of projects it can support

I described the reports and query result formats for 2.16.x and 
mentioned there are more wonderful things to come in 2.18 (right Gerv? 
:-)). I really had to punt on listing all available languages since I've 
seen German, rumors of Russian and some really old Japanese support. But 
I know I need to add language support to our web page (not to mention 
add foreign language translation of our web pages themselves), but I'm 
sort of a loss as to how to start collecting together a list of the 
Bugzilla supported languages and putting them on the box. Also, I'm I 
correct (I didn't promised this to anyone) in saying that the TT library 
will switch templates based on the language of the client browser?

With regard to integration with GForge/SourceForge I said that I was 
looking into it. I did find a reference to someone who apparently has 
done this once. But I think I will wait until I have a chance to play 
with PostgreSQL and 2.17 or until the GForge group decides whether they 
are going to use XML-RPC or SOAP.

Everyone seemed happy with what is going on with group limits in 2.18.

Got a chance to meet Dave Lawrence and foisted a schema poster on him. 
:-) Luis Villa over at Ximian took two posters. Anyway, had a great time 
and it was a positive thing for Bugopolis.

One quick question... is anything being changed with the query page? 
Would tabs like in the user prefs help? Same question for the admin options.

Thanks again for the great software. As soon as things settle (maybe in 
a week) I hope to get some time to contribute back some stuff to the 
project. If you have any particular questions e-mail me.


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