Impressions from LinuxWorld

Gervase Markham gerv at
Tue Jan 28 00:14:10 UTC 2003

> I think the main point of confusion for someone looking at it the first 
> time is that that the horizontal bars seem to indicate three sorts of 
> definable datasets but only the first two have associated search 
> buttons. But that isn't really the way it works. So the question is why 
> are there two Search buttons. (I imagine for convenience if scrolled 
> down the page.) 

That's exactly the reason. The idea is that someone scared by complexity 
can just type in the top box and hit "Search". And that most of the 
commonly-used controls are on the "first page", so you don't have to 
scroll all that often.

> Since the advanced query appears to be a superset of the 
> possibilities in the above two section someone using it doesn't need the 
> other fields 

That's not really true. Because the other fields are so much easier to 
use, people tend to get as close as possible using them, and then add 
only the complicated clauses using the Boolean Charts.

> and maybe it could be tabbed into an advanced query form 
> similar to the top level organization of some search engines.

Thing is, I'm not sure that removing this section really reduces the 
visual complexity all that much.


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