Documentation links

Jake jake at
Tue Feb 25 03:05:23 UTC 2003

Gervase Markham wrote:

> So we make sure .htaccess is set up so that you can. We control the 
> visibility of Bugzilla files.

In theory that would work, but not always.  Also, what will happen in 
the newinstall world where it will suposedly be possible to put CGIs and 
static files in seperate locations.

> We may want to provide a way to turn documentation links off - but why 
> would you want to remove the help?

Some people are funny like that :)

> I can see there might be a localisation issue here, though. What are 
> the chances of the Bugzilla Guide (or at least the user-facing part) 
> appearing in other languages?

I know of at least one effort to translate it into German (there were 
actually two seperate offers that were fortunately directed to 
eachother).  However, like the l10n of templates, these will be 
available as additional downloads and not added to our CVS.

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