Documentation links

Gervase Markham gerv at
Mon Feb 24 23:33:39 UTC 2003

David Miller wrote:
> The docs directory is a subdirectory of the Bugzilla directory, so in
> theory you could link to the local copy, but the permissions won't
> necessarily be set so the webserver can see it...

So we make sure .htaccess is set up so that you can. We control the 
visibility of Bugzilla files.

It seems obvious to me that the best and easiest way to provide good, 
consistent, correct documentation for a Bugzilla system is to link to 
the documentation provided with it. This is pretty much guaranteed to 
match the system in use better than any other method. It can also easily 
be updated by the local administrator if they so choose.

We may want to provide a way to turn documentation links off - but why 
would you want to remove the help?

I can see there might be a localisation issue here, though. What are the 
chances of the Bugzilla Guide (or at least the user-facing part) 
appearing in other languages?


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