Documentation links

Jake jake at
Mon Feb 24 22:00:47 UTC 2003

> The docs directory is a subdirectory of the Bugzilla directory, so in
> theory you could link to the local copy, but the permissions won't
> necessarily be set so the webserver can see it...

Hmm... good point.

> Or we could link to the online versions, but that stands a chance of the
> documentation being newer than the code...

One possible solution to this is by munging the version variable.  If the
minor version is an odd number, link to the tip docs otherwise link to the
doc tree for that particular version.  Of course this means that's it's
even more imperrative for me to keep docs updated for older versions, but
such is life :)

> Comments / Suggestions?

One thing to beware, niether solution is likely to work for everybody. 
Some people will not want to link to the outside world and others will not
be able to view the docs/ directory, Joel's suggestion seems kinda
reasonable, but it does require adding yet another Param() to our already
crowed interface (need that multi-pane patch :) and we would still need to
decide if our default is or internal.

Hopefully everything I said is logical :)

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