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Gervase Markham gerv at
Tue Feb 25 07:59:14 UTC 2003

Jake wrote:
> Gervase Markham wrote:
>> So we make sure .htaccess is set up so that you can. We control the 
>> visibility of Bugzilla files.
> In theory that would work, but not always.  Also, what will happen in 
> the newinstall world where it will suposedly be possible to put CGIs and 
> static files in seperate locations.

I know nothing about that. Perhaps the person working on newinstall 
would like to provide a summary of its capabilities?

I do hope this option is not going to become the default. I very much 
like having all the Bugzilla files in the same place. IMO this only 
causes trouble - if one file can't be certain where another one is, then 
it's going to cause other problems than this.

>> We may want to provide a way to turn documentation links off - but why 
>> would you want to remove the help?
> Some people are funny like that :)

Then they can edit templates to indulge their funniness. We could make 
the links match a regexp, to make it easier for them.

>> I can see there might be a localisation issue here, though. What are 
>> the chances of the Bugzilla Guide (or at least the user-facing part) 
>> appearing in other languages?
> I know of at least one effort to translate it into German (there were 
> actually two seperate offers that were fortunately directed to 
> eachother).  However, like the l10n of templates, these will be 
> available as additional downloads and not added to our CVS.

But do we need to incorporate it into the links? My take is no - they 
should set up content negotiation if they want multi-language help.


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