DevGuide Comments

Maxwell Kanat-Alexander mkanat at
Thu Dec 18 21:29:40 UTC 2003

	Hey, the DevGuide looks great! The styles are excellent.

	A few comments:

	+ Typo: "You should only you these if you have ensured the platform
isn't ActiveState." -- "you these"

	+ That INNER JOIN comment isn't valid anymore:

<justdave> yes, INNER JOIN is legal now
<justdave> because we now require a new enough version of MySQL that
supports it.
<justdave> in fact, it's preferred in most cases, because the SQL is
easier to read and parse :)

	+ In the HTML Templates section, it says that template output should
start with [print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";]. I don't see that in
cvs-tip cgi's... Isn't it something like "print $cgi->header()"?

	+ In the "submitting your patch" section, you might want to mention
about what directory level to run a diff -Nru from, if it spans multiple
directories. It would mean that people applying patches wouldn't have to
worry about whether it was -p0 or -p1 or no -p at all.

	+ "first-review" and "second-review" are "review" and "super-review"
now, aren't they?

	+ Typo: (same sentence as above) "and there is no other reasons" --
should be "are" instead of "is"

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