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MattyT mattyt-spam at
Fri Dec 19 05:55:01 UTC 2003

On Fri, 2003-12-19 at 07:59, Maxwell Kanat-Alexander wrote:

> 	+ Typo: "You should only you these if you have ensured the platform
> isn't ActiveState." -- "you these"

Fixed on my HDD.

> 	+ That INNER JOIN comment isn't valid anymore:
> <justdave> yes, INNER JOIN is legal now
> <justdave> because we now require a new enough version of MySQL that
> supports it.
> <justdave> in fact, it's preferred in most cases, because the SQL is
> easier to read and parse :)

I have removed the part about MySQL, but the part about PgSQL is just as
valid now as when I wrote it.  Dave was not aware of the full
ramifications of INNER JOIN, and I have not heard any discussion about
changing the policy.  That it's easier to read is a matter of opinion. 
I have updated the guide to better explain the problems of INNER JOIN.

> 	+ In the HTML Templates section, it says that template output should
> start with [print "Content-type: text/html\n\n";]. I don't see that in
> cvs-tip cgi's... Isn't it something like "print $cgi->header()"?

Possibly this has changed, but the guide isn't changing until I hear
what it should be replaced with.  It's just as likely the tip is wrong.

> 	+ In the "submitting your patch" section, you might want to mention
> about what directory level to run a diff -Nru from, if it spans multiple
> directories. It would mean that people applying patches wouldn't have to
> worry about whether it was -p0 or -p1 or no -p at all.

I'm not sure we should specify this.  Shouldn't it be obvious from the
context?  Sometimes people might have multiple changes to their tree,
but only want to diff one subdirectory.  Or does it work if you do it
from Bugzilla root and specify a subdirectory?

> 	+ "first-review" and "second-review" are "review" and "super-review"
> now, aren't they?

Probably.  I'll change it when I hear the full procedure outlined.

> 	+ Typo: (same sentence as above) "and there is no other reasons" --
> should be "are" instead of "is"

Fixed on my HDD.

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