J2EE - what, if anything, does it mean to Bugzilla??

Christopher Heiny Cheiny at synaptics.com
Thu Dec 4 19:57:14 UTC 2003

Christopher Hicks [mailto:chicks at chicks.net] wrote:
> On Wed, 3 Dec 2003, Bruce Armstrong [TeamSybase] wrote:
> > I don't think most folks are going to be integrating a bug tracking
> > system into other systems except perhaps their version 
> control system.
> We integrated bugzilla into our billing and customer service 
> systems.  
> It's made life much easier.

If there was a nice Java interface to Bugzilla (and even better - a way for Java entities to make themselves Bugzilla components), I'd integrate it into just about every tool in our test and archive system.  Other folks here would probably do the same for customer services.  Simply don't have the time to write the interface myself.


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