Your status report needs you!

J. Paul Reed preed at
Wed Apr 23 09:21:57 UTC 2003

Hey all:

I'm working on the status report, and would like to see write-ups on the
following improvements; if you know something about these bugs and can
contribute, that'd be a huge help.

-- The authentication module/LDAP improvements (bbaetz?)
-- JS versions of buglists (Gerv?)
-- Move from /usr/bonsaitools to /usr/bin/perl (Jake?)
   (I include this 'feature' only because it was an oft-requested one and 
    a nice 'marketing' thing to point out...)

-- All of the documentation updates (seems like there's been a lot) (Jake?)
-- Web browser changes; looks like we updated Safari and IBM web browser
   handling; again, a marketing thing mostly
-- New support for localized templates (Burnus?)

Also, the current draft of the status report, if you'd like to take a
gander, is available at:

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