Jason Corbett jcorbett at
Mon Apr 14 21:50:29 UTC 2003

Hello Bugzilla developers,

  I've been reading through the lists and looking at several requests 
for a backend interface and several responses saying "Bugzilla isn't a 
library, its an application."  I can appreciate your point of view, so 
I'm asking for advice on integration with bugzilla.

  I maintain a project called the tcdb (Test Case Database  I am looking at updates, and possible 
rewriting.  I think it's vital to integrate with a bug database because 
of the duplication of information (users, projects, components, 
target/milestone/builds, etc).  However I'm not sure what you would 
consider the best course of action.  I thought of several possibilities:

1. wait for the sometimes mentioned xml-rpc type interface (not really 
possible since I'm trying to do a rewrite now)
2. write my own interface in perl (can become complicated, ie I couldn't 
use some of the libraries you have because the error handling is mapped 
to a html page.)

can you think of any other way of doing the integration?  We already use 
bugzilla, and I would like to use the information already there in my 
new version of the test case database.  Thanks for any help you can give.

Jason Corbett

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