Jason Pyeron jason at
Mon Apr 14 22:11:07 UTC 2003

I disagree with the principle that Bugzilla should be an application not a 
library. This is a different issue.

Looking at your screen shots, the add defect to testcase record could 
simply execute a submit to the bz page, which has had the proper 
components set up. All your app would have to do is maintain the bug 
numbers which have been filed in bz, then it would be a simple click 

You also may want to have a way to list titles of bugs [no ideas here] 
associated with a test case.

p.s., As Bugzilla matures, it is becoming more and more inappropriate for 
the "web" aspects of it to be tied to the "engine" aspects. It would be a 
very [external] popular move to break bz into 2 projects. A Perl module 
for Bugzilla engine with a well specified API. And the cgi applications 
which use the API. 


Jason Pyeron

On Mon, 14 Apr 2003, Jason Corbett wrote:

Hello Bugzilla developers,

  I've been reading through the lists and looking at several requests 
for a backend interface and several responses saying "Bugzilla isn't a 
library, its an application."  I can appreciate your point of view, so 
I'm asking for advice on integration with bugzilla.

  I maintain a project called the tcdb (Test Case Database  I am looking at updates, and possible 
rewriting.  I think it's vital to integrate with a bug database because 
of the duplication of information (users, projects, components, 
target/milestone/builds, etc).  However I'm not sure what you would 
consider the best course of action.  I thought of several possibilities:

1. wait for the sometimes mentioned xml-rpc type interface (not really 
possible since I'm trying to do a rewrite now)
2. write my own interface in perl (can become complicated, ie I couldn't 
use some of the libraries you have because the error handling is mapped 
to a html page.)

can you think of any other way of doing the integration?  We already use 
bugzilla, and I would like to use the information already there in my 
new version of the test case database.  Thanks for any help you can give.

Jason Corbett

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