Repeated login prompt

Sergey A. Lipnevich sergeyli at
Mon Apr 14 20:26:26 UTC 2003

In the Bugzilla 'params' area (have to log in as administrator), set cookiepath (or something like that) parameter to be longer 
than '/'. Flush cookies for your Bugzilla sites before testing. You might want to flush the cookies twice: once before you go to 
params setting page (to work around your current problem) and then after the job is done (to make sure you only get new 
cookies). Have some cookie afterwards ;-)

Jon Wilmoth wrote:
> I thought I'd try the developer community at large for help with
>  Using 2.17.3, I've
> run into the problem of being prompted for a login at almost every page.
> I have two bugzilla instances running under the same apache server and I
> believe this to be near the problem area.  I say this because I'm
> running a single copy of 2.17.3 on a second server that does not suffer
> from this problem.  

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