Storing localconfig and data/ one level up from Bugzilla home

Sergey A Lipnevich sergeyli at
Mon Oct 7 16:09:18 UTC 2002


I'm new to Bugzilla development. For the purpose of having multuple
Bugzilla repositories on the same system reusing same source code, I
adjusted Bugzilla to use localconfig and data/ information located one
level *above* Bugzila home, like this:

/projectA/config/bugzilla/cgi -> symlink to /usr/share/bugzilla where
                                   the actual code is
/projectB/config/bugzilla/cgi -> symlink to /usr/share/bugzilla

This way, located localconfig and data/ and sets several
global variables to point at relevant files/directories. All other
Bugzilla modules are reusing these variables instead of having them
hard-coded. Things like database info and data/params are then different
for each repository, while source code is the same.

I also have modified necessary parts to use perl-ldap (see for authentication.
It now more or less works with my OpenLDAP 2.1.5.

The version of Bugzilla used was 2.16.0. If you are interested in
including such functionality into the mainstream Bugzilla, I could
prepare and send my patches.

Finally, I wanted to say many thanks to the development team for the
terrific product!


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