Bugzilla can't authenticate to gmail

Mike Ambrose mike_a at topazsystems.com
Sat Feb 25 19:09:29 UTC 2023

That did the trick, everything is working now.  Thanks!


From: David Miller <justdave at bugzilla.org>
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Subject: Re: Bugzilla can't authenticate to gmail

GMail does not allow you to use AUTH LOGIN as the authentication method with your actual GMail password. Thunderbird gets around it by setting up an OAUTH2 token the first time you connect and using that instead (which is GMail's preferred authentication method for third party clients).

In order to use GMail for SMTP, you need to do the following:

  1.  Make sure your Google account has a second factor authentication configured
  2.  Set up an Application Password for Bugzilla to use.

Then you give that application password (which is different from your normal GMail password) to Bugzilla as the SMTP password.

See https://support.google.com/accounts/answer/185833?hl=en

On 2/24/23 7:24 PM, Mike Ambrose wrote:
I followed the instructions for installing Bugzilla 5.0.6 on Ubuntu 22.0.4.  There was a little tweaking required for Apache but Bugzilla is now being served by an Ubuntu server.  The big problem is enabling email.  I wanted to use gmail as much easier than setting up our own SMTP server but it fails to authenticate.  Ufw is disabled.

  1.  mail_delivery_method: SMTP
  2.  mailfrom: new_gmail_address at gmail.com<mailto:new_gmail_address at gmail.com>
  3.  smtpserver: smtp.gmail.com:465  (I also tried port 587)
  4.  smtp_username: new_gmail_address at gmail.com<mailto:new_gmail_address at gmail.com>
  5.  smtp_password: new_gmail_password
  6.  smtp_ssl: On
I tested these settings using Thunderbird on the same server and it works. I also tried some things I found on the internet including changing the username spec to user, all to know avail.  The following is what Apache reports:

Net::SMTP::_SSL=GLOB(0x562c48a326a0)<<< 220 smtp.gmail.com ESMTP m2-20020a056870030200b0016dbf59175bsm95354oaf.47 - gsmtp
Net::SMTP::_SSL=GLOB(0x562c48a326a0)>>> EHLO bugzilla-sw
Net::SMTP::_SSL=GLOB(0x562c48a326a0)<<< 250-smtp.gmail.com at your service, []
Net::SMTP::_SSL=GLOB(0x562c48a326a0)<<< 250-SIZE 35882577
Net::SMTP::_SSL=GLOB(0x562c48a326a0)<<< 250-8BITMIME
Net::SMTP::_SSL=GLOB(0x562c48a326a0)<<< 250-ENHANCEDSTATUSCODES
Net::SMTP::_SSL=GLOB(0x562c48a326a0)<<< 250-PIPELINING
Net::SMTP::_SSL=GLOB(0x562c48a326a0)<<< 250-CHUNKING
Net::SMTP::_SSL=GLOB(0x562c48a326a0)<<< 250 SMTPUTF8
Net::SMTP::_SSL=GLOB(0x562c48a326a0)>>> AUTH LOGIN
Net::SMTP::_SSL=GLOB(0x562c48a326a0)<<< 334 VXNlcm5hbWU6
Net::SMTP::_SSL=GLOB(0x562c48a326a0)<<< (decoded) Username:
Net::SMTP::_SSL=GLOB(0x562c48a326a0)>>> (decoded) my_gmail at gmail.com<mailto:my_gmail at gmail.com>
Net::SMTP::_SSL=GLOB(0x562c48a326a0)>>> dHB6YnVnc0BnbWFpbC5jb20=
Net::SMTP::_SSL=GLOB(0x562c48a326a0)<<< 334 UGFzc3dvcmQ6
Net::SMTP::_SSL=GLOB(0x562c48a326a0)<<< (decoded) Password:
Net::SMTP::_SSL=GLOB(0x562c48a326a0)>>> (decoded) my_password
Net::SMTP::_SSL=GLOB(0x562c48a326a0)>>> WXVtIEJ1Z3Mh
Net::SMTP::_SSL=GLOB(0x562c48a326a0)<<< 535-5.7.8 Username and Password not accepted. Learn more at
Net::SMTP::_SSL=GLOB(0x562c48a326a0)<<< 535 5.7.8  https://support.google.com/mail/?p=BadCredentials m2-20020a056870030200b0016dbf59175bsm95354oaf.47 – gsmtp

Does anyone  have an idea what is happening here?


Mike Ambrose
Topaz Systems, Inc


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