User permissions don't display correctly.

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Sat Apr 23 09:02:28 UTC 2022

Guten Tag Charles Gilley,
am Freitag, 22. April 2022 um 23:35 schrieben Sie:

> I'm chasing down issues with user permissions.  If I go edit the user
> settings, most users will have Edit Bugs allowed - meaning it's checked.
> But, if I go look at the user permissions, they have ALL of them listed.  Is
> my database corrupt?

There's a sanity check in the admin section to test your database, but
I doubt it's corrupted. The more important piece of information seems
to be your mention of "checked" editbugs: By default, users INHERIT
that group membership, meaning the checkbox is NOT checked, like for
me currently.

So you should have a closer look at the group memberships of your
users: They can be explicit members because of checking checkboxes or
inherit membership because of regular expressions for group members
and indirect grup memberships. This is made visible using a grey bar
and both is explained at the bottom of the user settings site as

You might want to upload a screenshot of some example user in
question somewhere so other can have a closer look as well.

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