Bugzilla Migration to new server issue

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I was just replying to let you know I was able to get it working. The issue
seemed to be with a config file I had copied over which didn't match the new
config. Just as info I created a full working (empty dbase) of BZ, shutdown
BZ, deleted the DB, imported the backup db ran a checksetup and restarted BZ
and it worked. I suspect it was something in the params.json file that I had
actually copied over that was causing my issue.

Looks to be all good now.

Thanks / Derek

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Guten Tag derek.bennett at attaininsight.com, am Dienstag, 28. September 2021
um 13:07 schrieben Sie:

> [...]I simply cannot access Bugzilla
> from the web browser and get "This site can’t be reached172.17.10.117 
> refused to connect."

Check for correct IP, wrong proxy in browser, firewall on client/server,
that the web server runs at all and listens on the correct IP etc.

> Yes, I can ping the server and was able to browse to it before I ran 
> the import and updated the params file.

Depending on your actual setup, a broken Bugzilla might easily make your web
server refuse to start at all or simply kill it on runtime.
Mostly depends on how Perl is executed, if in different processes or the
same, how worker processes vs. threads are handled etc.

> I updated those values directly in the params.json using an editor, 
> but I missed the shutdownhtml field. It is however set to "" for some 
> reason, even though I had set the field to "migration" using the web

So you either didn't save the value for "shutdownhtml" in the web-UI at all
or, more likely in my opinion, mixed up different files. I just tested to
make sure the value is written to that file instead of e.g.
being in the database and for me it was as expected.

> No I did not.

So what exactly does the following from this mail means then?

> [...]and was able to browse to it before I ran the import and updated 
> the params file.

You only accessed some test site of your web server and didn't meant
Bugzilla at all? It read to me like the latter, but if it's the former, than
it's somewhat likely like I said before: Your setup of Bugzilla might simply
make your web server start fail at all, in which case you surely have some
error messages somewhere in your logs.

Otherwise I don't see how importing the database und running checksetup.pl
make your web server NOT publish its own test site anymore. AFAIK
checksetup.pl doesn't reconfigure web servers, only cares about permissions
and stuff of its own directory and might break those.

While I'm at setup problems: Don't use install-module.pl and empty the
Bugzilla private "lib" dir! Especially don't take the one from the old
server, as your Perl are pretty likely not binary compatible, modules built
on one system most liekly don't work on the other and stuff like that. Those
are exactly the things which might make Perl as part of the web server
process simply die in the end. Always prefer your package manager for
dependencies unless absolutely necessary!


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