Bugzilla Migration to new server issue

derek.bennett at attaininsight.com derek.bennett at attaininsight.com
Mon Sep 27 17:58:23 UTC 2021

After giving up migrating Bugzilla to a Windows Server, I've deployed the
following below and followed the instructions at
"https://bugzilla.readthedocs.io/en/latest/installing/moving.html. I get the
following issue I run ./checksetup.pl:


Adding new table bz_schema...

DBD::Pg::db do failed: ERROR:  relation "bz_schema" already exists at
Bugzilla/DB.pm line 848.

"bz_schema") called at Bugzilla/DB.pm line 1380

called at Bugzilla/DB.pm line 506

called at Bugzilla/DB/Pg.pm line 279

called at /var/www/html/bugzilla/checksetup.pl line 123



Just in case, I blew away the database and user in PG, recreated from new,
re-imported the backed up database and got the following error:


ERROR:  could not open extension control file
"/usr/share/postgresql/10/extension/pg_repack.control": No such file or

ERROR:  extension "pg_repack" does not exist


All tables and data seems to get imported though.



Ubuntu 18.04, Apache, PostgreSQL 10, most current version of Bugzilla.

Checking for               DBD-Pg (v2.7.0)    ok: found v3.10.5


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