Topline goal ideas for Bugzilla based on what a few sites are doing or needing

Gervase Markham gerv at
Thu Dec 3 10:04:08 UTC 2015

Hi Dylan,

Thanks for doing this research :-)

On 30/11/15 03:14, Dylan Hardison wrote:
> I also ran a few simple queries against open bugs on BMO, ordered by
> the number of CC's by specific accounts. Many of those bugs are very
> old, have very little activity
> and (in my humble opinion) examples of "perfect is the enemy of good".

As in, what the bug requests is too perfect and so has not been
actioned? Or in the bug, people have argued for something simple and
been rebuffed?

> What I've compiled (which is not much) is now available on the wiki page:

The ideas are:

1) Webhooks or Push Connector API

-- Can you explain what you mean by "webhooks" in this context, and
expand a bit more on what this would look like and what it would let you do?

2) Auth Stack Changes

-- If the auth stack is getting in the way of people actually using it
to authenticate things, we should fix that, yes. BMO has some plans in
this area, I believe - what are they, do you know?

3) Modernize UI

-- I think we should definitely start from glob's work. Does it support

4) Advanced Search UI Problems

-- By "advanced" you mean the Boolean Charts stuff at the bottom of the
search page (as it used to be called)? This is indeed a great candidate
for an API-driven dynamic query builder rather than a bunch of dropdowns.

5) Product/Component Watching

-- I agree the extension should be shipped with core or be reimplemented
in core.


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