does run stock bugzilla wrt templates ?

Dave Miller justdave at
Thu Dec 3 02:33:49 UTC 2015

vapier at wrote:
> does run vanilla bugzilla software (e.g. straight out of git) ?  my interest lies in the templates used as sometimes i see things used on BMO that i'd like to use on my own installs.  assuming the answer is "no", where is the exact code used to run BMO hosted ?  is it public ?

Nope, theirs is heavily modified.  That said, they do have what they are
running publicly available in a git repository. is currently based on the Bugzilla 4.2 branch I
believe.  Last I heard they're hoping to merge with 5.0 in the near
future, and then hopefully we get some of their stuff ported upstream.

Their git repo can be browsed at;a=tree

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