Proposal for target milestones

Byron Jones glob at
Tue Sep 2 16:47:08 UTC 2014

Damien wrote:
>     The Target Milestone currently serves two purposes: flagging bugs we
>     think would be nice to include in a given release (the next one or a
>     future one), and flagging bugs that have been fixed (but not
>     necessarily
>     flagged ahead of time) and will be included in the next version.  The
>     white board tag, e.g. [Roadmap: 5.0], is used to denote bugs that we
>     think *really* should be in that release.
> Are we making assumptions there? What if a team wants to follow agile 
> processes?
> Would that become a tedious activity?
> This is making the assumption that people work on what they want to 
> work on
> rather than on what they have been appointed to work on. Not all processes
> are like that. It's okay for you to say it should be one way or 
> another for
> bmo, but for users out there, please consider that it is not the only 
> workflow.
i think you may have miss-understood the context of this email.

we are discussing how the bugzilla team intend to track development on 
bugzilla itself.
these changes don't have any impact on any other teams or bugzilla 


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