Target Milestones, cont'd, and release-process documentation

Mark Côté mcote at
Wed Oct 22 02:36:15 UTC 2014

When finally recording the decision regarding Target Milestones from
September, I discovered that our release process does not appear to have
any documentation, on the wiki at least, so I added a new page[1].

Thinking more about the Target Milestone, in order to logically complete
the thought from September, at our meeting in 11.5 hours I will propose
that we further restrict usage of Target Milestone on Bugzilla bugs to
indicate true blockers, that is, bugs that *must* be fixed before
release.  The idea is that there should be a very simple, accurate way
to see what we're waiting on in order to release a new version (or
release candidate).  Thus, we should amend the decision from last month
to exclude "Bugs that are being actively worked on and are anticipated
to be finished before the next release", keeping only "bugs officially
designated as blockers" and adding "by the Project Lead or Assistant
Project Leads" for further clarity.


Mark Côté
Assistant Project Lead, Bugzilla
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