Landfill cleanup

Mark Côté mcote at
Sun Oct 19 16:15:38 UTC 2014

During the last Bugzilla meeting[1] we talked about the large number of
test Bugzilla installations on landfill.  When landfill was originally
created, there was no easy way to set up a test Bugzilla installation
that several people could use in order to evaluate specific features or
Bugzilla as a whole.  Nowadays, there are a plethora of Internet
services, many quite cheap, that provide people with a simple way to
stand up a publicly accessible server; with the new quick-start
instructions[2] that Gerv wrote (and which, I believe, will be
incorporated into the new Bugzilla manual), setting up a public test
Bugzilla installation is vastly easier than it was a decade ago.

Thus we will be removing most of the Landfill Bugzilla installations
aside from the official demonstrations of supported versions as seen on
the Landfill index page[3].  If you object to a particular installation
being deleted, please let me know.


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