How do Bugzilla installs use git?

Gervase Markham gerv at
Wed Oct 8 10:08:30 UTC 2014

On 07/10/14 20:27, Damien wrote:
> If you release patches (actual .patch files), you can prepare those with
> git-format-patch.

We may have to do this, but I would much prefer it if it were not the
standard way of upgrading. I'm sure there's a safe git workflow to use.

> If people are familiar with git, they can do merge / rebase operations.

People may not be all that familiar with git. That's part of the issue.

>> 3) Update to a later version, merging in changes they've made
>> It would be good if 2) and 3) had a dry-run option.
> git has a reflog, so unless you run destructive operations like git-prune
> or git-gc, this is your safety net.

That doesn't sound as easy to use as a --dry-run option...

>> 2)
>> git pull
> NO! NO! NO! git pull is dangerous. git-pull does a git-fetch followed by
> git-merge.
> please instruct people to use git-fetch instead.
> Then ask them to explicitly choose a git-merge or git-rebase operation
> manually.

And what do we recommend to people who have no idea of the difference?

git pull is surely OK if the user has made no code customizations?

> most operations have an --abort.
> e.g. overwhelming merge conflicts while doing rebase? => git rebase --abort.

That basically restores things to how they were before you started? That
sounds good.


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