Git migration successful!

Mark Côté mcote at
Wed Mar 12 13:52:13 UTC 2014

That's true.  Going forward, that's probably what we should do for
moveable "tags" like bugzilla-stable, although there are better ways to
do this kind of thing in git.

For past history, I could go back and add the old bugzilla-stable tags
as notes, but I suspect they are no longer useful.  I believe they
always point to the latest version-tagged commit anyway.

Related, I should note that the git->bzr mirroring script does *not*
mirror tags.  It would be quite difficult to do this, given that there's
no clear mapping between git and bzr commits, and tagging is not pprt of
the commit process itself, i.e. they can of course be applied at any
time to any existing revision.  I think we'll have to manually tag bzr
when we do releases for now, and we can rethink our branching strategy
for the next stable release (5.0), which won't be mirrored to bzr.


On 2014-03-12, 12:01 AM, Damien wrote:
> w.r.t git tags being unique and not to be updated once public.
> ---> you should use git notes instead to keep tabs on commits that are
> stable.
> $0.02 - damien
> On Tue, Mar 11, 2014 at 7:52 PM, Mark Côté <mcote at> wrote:
>> Fixed; was a simple omission of push --tags.
>> There were some errors in the tag migration, however.  Tags in git are
>> shared amongst all branches.  Thus, the same tag can only exist only
>> once in a given repository.  The only affected tag in Bugzilla core was
>> bugzilla-stable, which was found in most branches; I moved it to the
>> latest occurrence (as it was tagged in bzr's bugzilla/4.4).
>> There were a few other similar cases in bmo and testopia, which I am
>> also resolving by moving them to the occurrence in the repo's most
>> recent branch.
>> A couple other tags were applied to bzr branches where earlier branches
>> went their own ways (e.g. bugzilla-3.3.4 applied to bugzilla/3.6 where
>> bugzilla/3.4 branched off).  I've left those tags as their *original*
>> branch occurrence, e.g. bugzilla-3.3.4 stayed where it was tagged in
>> bzr's bugzilla/3.4.
>> Mark
>> On 2014-03-11, 10:08 PM, Mark Côté wrote:
>>> It appears that tags weren't migrated from bzr to git.  I'll have that
>>> fixed tomorrow.
>>> Mark
>>> On 2014-03-11, 4:36 PM, Mark Côté wrote:
>>>> And we're up!  There were a few slight delays due to minor issues, but
>>>> and related repositories are now
>>>> available; write access has been enabled on git for those who had write
>>>> access on
>>>> The first commit to the Bugzilla git repository was successfully
>>>> mirrored to bzr:
>>>> Thanks to all involved!  Stay tuned for the post migration steps in the
>>>> coming weeks, including a mirroring to GitHub and moving from Tinderbox
>>>> to travis-ci.
>>>> Mark
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