Git migration successful!

Mark Côté mcote at
Wed Mar 12 02:52:25 UTC 2014

Fixed; was a simple omission of push --tags.

There were some errors in the tag migration, however.  Tags in git are
shared amongst all branches.  Thus, the same tag can only exist only
once in a given repository.  The only affected tag in Bugzilla core was
bugzilla-stable, which was found in most branches; I moved it to the
latest occurrence (as it was tagged in bzr's bugzilla/4.4).

There were a few other similar cases in bmo and testopia, which I am
also resolving by moving them to the occurrence in the repo's most
recent branch.

A couple other tags were applied to bzr branches where earlier branches
went their own ways (e.g. bugzilla-3.3.4 applied to bugzilla/3.6 where
bugzilla/3.4 branched off).  I've left those tags as their *original*
branch occurrence, e.g. bugzilla-3.3.4 stayed where it was tagged in
bzr's bugzilla/3.4.


On 2014-03-11, 10:08 PM, Mark Côté wrote:
> It appears that tags weren't migrated from bzr to git.  I'll have that
> fixed tomorrow.
> Mark
> On 2014-03-11, 4:36 PM, Mark Côté wrote:
>> And we're up!  There were a few slight delays due to minor issues, but
>> and related repositories are now
>> available; write access has been enabled on git for those who had write
>> access on
>> The first commit to the Bugzilla git repository was successfully
>> mirrored to bzr:
>> Thanks to all involved!  Stay tuned for the post migration steps in the
>> coming weeks, including a mirroring to GitHub and moving from Tinderbox
>> to travis-ci.
>> Mark

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