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Gervase Markham gerv at
Fri Jan 17 12:00:29 UTC 2014

On 17/01/14 11:03, Cédric Corazza wrote:
> I'm the French localizer of Bugzilla
> (
> Reading bug 912064, I can't see how to convert the current French files
> to the new system and link them to
> Is there an how-to file somewhere to explain this?
> This might interest as well the other localizers
> (

That's a very good question.

Converting them to the new system: one option is to use the
and makebzdocs tools here, which I used to do the initial conversion:

There's then quite a bit of fixup to do, which I did manually. I'm
afraid I didn't keep records of exactly what I did :-( The other option
is to take the new English docs and copy-paste each para of French into
the structure, but that might be more work.

As for putting them on ReadTheDocs, there's a FAQ answer:

They want to have full language support, but it's not there yet.
(Patches welcome? :-) In the mean time, the FAQ suggests creating a
project for each language of documentation. So we would have:

etc. and point each of them at the place where you keep your translation
of the docs. Although RTD doesn't support CVS - only Git, SVN, BZR and
Hg - so you'd need to move the Bugzilla docs somewhere else, or use
Subversion SVN.

I note that we only have very old non-English versions of docs linked
from . You should file a bug in to get that fixed.


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