Docs now converted to RST and up on ReadTheDocs

Cédric Corazza cedric.corazza at
Fri Jan 17 11:03:34 UTC 2014

Le 17/01/2014 11:52, Gervase Markham a écrit :
> I've just checked in the fix for bug 912064:
> and so Bugzilla's documentation format is now RST (ReStructured Text)
> rather than XML DocBook.
> We hope that this will make the docs much easier to edit and contribute
> to (although building the PDF version still requires 1GB of TeX...).
> It also means we can put them up on ReadTheDocs, and I have now done so:
> Pretty! :-)
> There are many things still to do, but this is a good base for moving
> forwards. I will be filing more bugs about enhancements, and encourage
> others to do the same. Soon, we will perhaps want to reorganize the
> docs, import a load of stuff which has up to now lived in the wiki
> (because changing the docs was too hard) and so on.
> Gerv

I'm the French localizer of Bugzilla 
Reading bug 912064, I can't see how to convert the current French files 
to the new system and link them to
Is there an how-to file somewhere to explain this?
This might interest as well the other localizers 

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