Moving Bugzilla to git?

Mark Côté mcote at
Mon Oct 21 17:29:31 UTC 2013

On 2013-10-21 1:01 PM, Dave Miller wrote:
> "Mark Côté" <mcote at> wrote:
>> * On the other side, Bazaar is almost dead. There are maybe 2-3 commits
>> to trunk every month.
> This is a poor data point though. That could only mean it's stable. (Don't fix what isn't broken). A real qualifier here would be time-to-fix on important bugs.
True. It appears that that metric is low as well. There was a big
discussion on the Emacs developers' list about moving to git. The
general consensus seems to have been that bug fixes in Bazaar take a
very long time. Essentially RMS had get involved to get a bug that was
very important to them fixed.
>> * Mozilla would also very much like to retire the Bazaar and CVS
>> servers,
>> both of which are used solely by Bugzilla.
> Not true in the case of CVS, but pretty close. There's one other project besides us still using it.
Ah, I stand corrected.
>> That said, I don't think we need to maintain Bazaar indefinitely, just for some
>> grace period. I suggest 9 months, which would put that sometime mid-2014. I
>> would, however, like to shut down CVS when we migrate to git,
>> so that we don't have to maintain three VCSs at the same time.
> The rule we stated before was that we would stop mirroring new branches to CVS and would stop supporting CVS altogether as soon as the last branch mirrored there was no longer supported. There is currently one branch left mirrored to CVS, so the next time we do a new branch release it goes bye bye, if we stick to that promise.
Okay, good to know.


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