Moving Bugzilla to git?

Dave Miller justdave at
Mon Oct 21 17:01:44 UTC 2013

"Mark Côté" <mcote at> wrote:
>I think we should move the Bugzilla code off of the Bazaar system
>by Mozilla and onto git, and maybe even GitHub.

For the record, I support this plan. If for no other reason, because github has check-in monitoring tools very similar to bonsai, which is something bzr is still missing (loggerhead isn't quite there).

>* On the other side, Bazaar is almost dead. There are maybe 2-3 commits
>to trunk every month.

This is a poor data point though. That could only mean it's stable. (Don't fix what isn't broken). A real qualifier here would be time-to-fix on important bugs.

>* GitHub is extremely popular, and for good reason, since it's a very
>powerful system. Exposure via GitHub could mean increased contributions
>(whether we can keep up with them or not is, of course, another

I'm personally kind of ambivalent on whether to make github the master copy or, but if we use, we should definitely mirror it to github.

>* Mozilla would very much like to retire Tinderbox, since Bugzilla is
>the only system still using it.

Not to mention it's full of security holes nobody wants to fix, which means we have to have it locked down where no one but the core contributors can access it, and it would be really nice to let anyone get to it again.

>* Mozilla would also very much like to retire the Bazaar and CVS
>both of which are used solely by Bugzilla.

Not true in the case of CVS, but pretty close. There's one other project besides us still using it.

>That said, I don't think we need to maintain Bazaar indefinitely, just for some
>grace period. I suggest 9 months, which would put that sometime mid-2014. I
>would, however, like to shut down CVS when we migrate to git,
>so that we don't have to maintain three VCSs at the same time.

The rule we stated before was that we would stop mirroring new branches to CVS and would stop supporting CVS altogether as soon as the last branch mirrored there was no longer supported. There is currently one branch left mirrored to CVS, so the next time we do a new branch release it goes bye bye, if we stick to that promise.

Now... I'm not against forcing people to switch VCS systems to upgrade from a Bazaar release...  moving from bzr to git is *considerably* easier than moving from CVS to bzr. I think a pre-defined grace period is a good compromise in this case.

>As for location of the repository, we could have Mozilla host the
>official git repository and set up two-way mirroring to GitHub.


>How does this sound to everyone? Any strong objections? I and the rest
>of the BMO team are willing to do most of the work.

I'm behind this if no one had strong objections.
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