brazilian portuguese localization

Marc Schumann wurblzap at
Mon Oct 4 13:46:41 UTC 2010


2010/10/4 Fabrizio Passari <apassari at>:
> thank you for adding to the list and for the opportunity - it was great
> learning how bugzilla works.
> During the process I also had to change the following:
> - - changed lines 423 and 425 to change date/time format to
> dd/mm/yyyy
> - - line 118 commented because it generated an error after the
> change on
> Do you want me to add these files to the brazilian distribution also? Or
> there is an easier way to change date/time format?

this is a bug. Date and time formatting must happen in template files,
so that it is language dependent.
Please file a bug for this if there isn't one already.


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