Self-Introduction: Harini Sirisena

Max Kanat-Alexander mkanat at
Sun Mar 28 20:07:26 UTC 2010

On 03/28/2010 01:27 AM, Harini Sirisena wrote:
> My name is Harini Sirisena (IRC: hasilk) and I would like to contribute
> to Bugzilla development.

	Hey Harini! Welcome! :-)

> I am also planning on applying for the 'Better
> Bugzilla Helper' project of BMO (
> <>) for GSoC this year.

	That's great. :-) That's more of a Mozilla-specific project than
something that will become part of Bugzilla itself, but maybe if it gets
written as an extension, then all Bugzillas could take advantage of it.

> I have been trying out the new extension mechanism of Bugzilla and find
> it a very easy and useful method to add new features to Bugzilla
> installations. I would especially like to build and contribute new
> extensions to Bugzilla to extend its UI or to add new functionality.

	That's great! We definitely always welcome new extensions.

> I
> am currently studying the Bugzilla code and looking for methods in which
> I can contribute to Bugzilla and I would greatly appreciate any advice
> from developers in the community.

	Well, pretty much what's on the Bugzilla:Developers page on the Wiki is
the best advice to start with, and then if you have any questions, just
come ask us on IRC.

> I would also like to thank Bugzilla developers for the great
> documentation they have provided on <>
> and <> which
> makes it easier for newcomers to learn Bugzilla code and development
> process:)

	Hey, you're welcome, and thanks for all the nice words about it! :-)

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