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Sun Mar 28 08:27:43 UTC 2010


My name is Harini Sirisena (IRC: hasilk) and I would like to contribute to
Bugzilla development. I am also planning on applying for the 'Better
Bugzilla Helper' project of BMO ( for GSoC this year.
This is my first time applying for GSoC. I am currently in my final year of
study at University of Moratuwa, Sri Lanka (UTC +5.5). I am new to Perl and
Template Toolkit but I have experience in web programming using PHP,, AJAX and Javascript. The other programming languages I have worked
with are Java, C# and C++. Web programming is one of my biggest areas of
interest. In addition to web development I have experience working with UI
design and content management using Joomla and OpenCMS.

I have been trying out the new extension mechanism of Bugzilla and find it a
very easy and useful method to add new features to Bugzilla installations. I
would especially like to build and contribute new extensions to Bugzilla to
extend its UI or to add new functionality. I am currently studying the
Bugzilla code and looking for methods in which I can contribute to Bugzilla
and I would greatly appreciate any advice from developers in the community.

I would also like to thank Bugzilla developers for the great documentation
they have provided on and which makes
it easier for newcomers to learn Bugzilla code and development process:)
best regards
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