Versions and Target Milestones

Gervase Markham gerv at
Fri Mar 26 11:20:54 UTC 2010

Thinking about it, a few things bug me about the way we currently do 
versions and target milestones. Have these ideas been thought of before? 
Is there a position on them?

- It seems that these fields actually are values from the same lists - 
versions are versions in the past, and target milestones are versions in 
the future. There would be, I think, great advantage in having a unified 
set of "versions", some of which were marked as "released". Those marked 
as "released" would be in the "Version" field, and those not marked as 
"Released" would be in the "Target Milestone" field.

One could then also have a parameter that made it so that all bugs 
targetted at a milestone had to be retargetted before that milestone 
could be set as Released - good for workflow. This would end the weird 
thing of having bugs still targetted at "Target Milestones" for releases 
which had already happened.

- Further to the above, the naming is inconsistent. Target Milestone is 
a name very specific to early Mozilla development. And using "Milestone" 
and "Version" for the same thing is confusing. Would it make more sense 
to start calling it "Target" or even "Planned Version"?

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