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Byron Jones byron at
Mon Mar 15 01:07:14 UTC 2010

thanks again lpsolit :)

> When "Configuring Bugzilla..." appears in the cmd.exe window, it would
> be fine to mention "(this can takes several minutes)" so that one
> doesn't think it froze (as I first thought).

ok, done :)
>>   - detects and warns if mysql port is in use
>>   - detects and warns if http port is in use
> It would probably be good to mention which port number we are talking
> about.


> - About MySQL, Bugzilla is unable to connect to it. The Bugzilla.MySQL
> service points to my existing MySQL server in C:\Program Files\MySQL
> instead of the one in C:\Program Files\Bugzilla\mysql. This probably
> explains why Bugzilla cannot connect to it: the user account is not
> valid. Moreover, the Bugzilla.MySQL service is unable to start (maybe
> because the MySQL service is already running). I didn't see this problem
> in your previous version of the installer.
> - About Apache, this server is working fine, but uninstalling Bugzilla
> using the Add/Remove Programs panel makes my existing Apache server to
> stop working correctly. No idea why.

i may have to catch you on irc for these issues; weird.
> One more thing about both servers: would it make sense to use them if
> present rather than installing our own servers? Maybe is it harder to
> configure them?

yeah, that would be hard to configure correctly, and is really outside
what i'd like to do for the initial release.

an alternative could be to provide a zip of strawberryperl i'm using.


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