windows installer - eyeballs needed

Frédéric Buclin lpsolit at
Sun Mar 14 20:07:14 UTC 2010

Le 10. 03. 10 05:28, Byron Jones a écrit :
>   - removed imagemagick

This is a nice 11 Mb size reduction. Thanks for this removal!

When "Configuring Bugzilla..." appears in the cmd.exe window, it would
be fine to mention "(this can takes several minutes)" so that one
doesn't think it froze (as I first thought).

>   - detects and warns if mysql port is in use
>   - detects and warns if http port is in use

It would probably be good to mention which port number we are talking about.

Also, I have some problems with both servers:
- About MySQL, Bugzilla is unable to connect to it. The Bugzilla.MySQL
service points to my existing MySQL server in C:\Program Files\MySQL
instead of the one in C:\Program Files\Bugzilla\mysql. This probably
explains why Bugzilla cannot connect to it: the user account is not
valid. Moreover, the Bugzilla.MySQL service is unable to start (maybe
because the MySQL service is already running). I didn't see this problem
in your previous version of the installer.

- About Apache, this server is working fine, but uninstalling Bugzilla
using the Add/Remove Programs panel makes my existing Apache server to
stop working correctly. No idea why.

One more thing about both servers: would it make sense to use them if
present rather than installing our own servers? Maybe is it harder to
configure them?


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