windows installer - eyeballs needed

Frédéric Buclin lpsolit at
Mon Mar 8 22:28:46 UTC 2010

Congratulations Byron for the Windows installer; it's working great! :)

I just have a few comments:

- As mentioned by Dan last week-end, the password fields should not
display the root and bugs passwords in clear text. Maybe type=Password
would do it.

- You should remove ImageMagick from the installer. It takes 49Mb on the
disk for very little benefit, especially when you know that it's gone
from Bugzilla 3.6.

- You should include compiled documentation instead of the XML files
only. When you click the "Help" links at the top of pages, you get a
"Not Found" error. Either that, or make the docs_urlbase parameter point
to by default.

- When is done, you have to press any key to make the
cmd.exe window to go away. Is that intentional?

- Could we make MySQL and Apache detect if the ports are already in use,
and if yes, either the installer suggests to use other ports, or it
should make clear that existing MySQL and Apache installations will be
used instead.

- Also, the installer should make sure it's not using an existing DB, if
possible. I just realized that it was using an existing DB used by
Bugzilla 3.7, because I left the default MySQL port alone, and so it's
using my existing MySQL server. Not sure how Bugzilla 3.4.5 will behave
with a DB generated by Bugzilla 3.7. Bad, probably. :)

I think that's all for now. :) Good job!


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