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Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Fri Feb 26 13:03:43 UTC 2010

On 23/02/10 18:37, Guy Pyrzak wrote:
> I am happy to implement actual UIs, getting "ready to build" UI's is
> somewhat difficult though. So here is a challenge to you: You get the
> designs in a ready to build state, I'll get the developers. I say it that
> way b/c I'm happy to implement the UI's myself if I have to, I'll call it my
> Bugzilla vacation.

:-) That's really cool, and an amazing offer.

Why don't we start with the query UI, given that this is what you are
thinking about at the moment? I will blog and we can generate some noise
about the process, and try and get some Mozilla UI folk involved. Sound

(Let's assume for the moment that a "complete" search UI allowing
someone to specify the values of all individual fields is still
something we want, even if one day in the future it's not the primary
search UI.)

> See most of my UI changes. However, to be fair they might be the few angry
> folks and 99% of the community might like it but just stays silent. I'm not
> as familiar as some of the veterans at ignoring the "trolls" and I usually
> try to listen to everyone who is willing to give feedback and find solutions
> that fit as many issues as possible.

If you want help in distinguishing troll from "person whose UI input
should be valued" I can certainly help with that :-)

>> Who have you heard complaining about UI simplification ideas, and where?
> I really dislike naming names, but see my latest blog post about the new
> search UI.

/me checks.

The input there seems broadly positive. Smokey's comments were negative,
but you seem to have accepted they are good. I don't see anyone
screaming "No, stop, I love the current UI, don't change a thing!" :-)

> Tagging is something we have talked about for a while in terms of UI. I
> think the disagreement is how Tags would actually work and how they would
> fix EVERYTHING or just some things.

Well, let's implement them and different people can use them to fix
different levels of things.

As to how they work, we definitely need to have that discussion.

> I thought jjclark was working on a
> generalized bug relationship, but again, i see that as a how the backend
> works not the UI/experience.

I think the two are (unfortunately, one might say) connected. The way
HTML forms work, the UI is often a reflection of the underlying data
model. So in that case, it's best to decide the UI first, and then
design a data model which matches it.

> Aza's stuff will take longer but just last night I was talking to Mkanat
> about an extension to add a more human element to Bugzilla via a
> gravatars extension. His concepts are defiantly a direction I'd like to see
> Bugzilla or some Uber Extensions go, but I think you would agree many of
> them are big features that are much more than just UI.

Also, we are currently working on a Mozilla community directory called
Mozillians; I hope that it'll have a JSON API, so Bugzilla pages can
have mouseover points for each user which will call into that and return
some info about the person.

> And on a side topic, Gerv, we should post Aza's ideas for some of the summer
> of code work. Should I do it or do you mind?

Go for it :-)

> their ideas. I would hope that the same way you defend their 4 posts as a
> "shedloads" of ideas, you would recognize the work we're doing on the
> Bugzilla community side to implement the suggestions. Yes, we're slow and if
> that's the accusation then it's a very fair one. But accusing us of not
> caring about UI or not trying to fix it is not.

It's certainly been the case that there's been a lot more activity on
this recently, and I'm very grateful you are involved.

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