Failing is not an option…

Gabor Szabo szabgab at
Thu Feb 18 03:54:35 UTC 2010

I just saw this blog entry
comparing RT and OTRS.

I wonder if you see Bugzilla the same market as those two?

Is there a competitor analysis for Bugzilla somewhere on the Bugzilla
home page or wiki?

If I am already writing let me share with you the reasons why did I
pick Trac and not Bugzilla as the bug tracking system of Padre:

1) Trac looks great and simple on the default
     The search of Bugzilla is just way too complex for me as a beginner.
     As a first step I'd just like to list all the bugs filed (latest first)
     or maybe even all the activities (latest first)
     (What is called Timeline in Trac)
2) Default searches
    actually I think "list all the bugs I filed" was not one of them
even though that's an important one.
3) Out of the box SVN integration showing the svn commits along the tickets
4) Integrated wiki that could be used as our home page till the
project has the time to create a proper web site with easy linking to
commits and tickets
5) Nice way to connect bugs and SVN commits in the display. (r123 in
bug reports autolinking to revisions 123 and #76 in commits
autolinking to ticket 76)

The biggest downsides of Trac (that I found out later) is that I could
not setup a properly working spam filter and I cannot require the
users to register with an e-mail address and then confirm it. So I had
to turn off registration


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