Bug Relationships

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Mon Feb 15 13:53:52 UTC 2010

On 05/02/10 18:02, Jesse J. Clark wrote:
> - Relationship trees. Bug 539131

This doesn't seem like a requirement to me...

> - Reverse Editability. This gets into a lot of permissions issues,
> some of which we have worked out in PRACA.

You mean users of other bug trackers editing our tracker? Again, I don't
see how it's a requirement...

> - Multiplicability. Should be similar to FIELD_TYPE_MULTI_SELECT.

Same with this...

> - Migration of non-custom link fields
> - Combined relationship editing widget

I don't see why we can't do this first. We could prototype the widget
for the existing fields using JS. If we are going to support it
officially, the logic would probably need to be on the back end instead
(if we are still maintaining in 2010 that the Bugzilla UI should work
without JS).

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