Bug Relationships

Gervase Markham gerv at mozilla.org
Fri Feb 5 12:01:31 UTC 2010

On 15/01/10 22:54, Max Kanat-Alexander wrote:
> 	No, this would be overkill; there aren't going to be more than a few
> relationship custom fields on the average Bugzilla, if there's even one.

I am suggesting we use this for all bug-to-bug relationships, so there
are at least 3 in default Bugzilla - depends, blocks and see also. I can
imagine some more useful ones without much effort - e.g.

The more specific you can be about the relationship, the better. With
something as generic as "see also", you have to go and read the other
bug to work out why it's related and if you care. If the relationship
has a name, you may be able to decide up front that it's not relevant to
you. So enabling people to add the specific relationships their
organization cares about, without the number of fields on the bug
increasing, seems like a worthy goal.

> 	Each relationship will be its own field, just like Depends On and
> Blocks are, now.

And my suggestion is that this additional complexity does not serve the
user well.


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