Bugzilla Webservice Client in Perl

Jeremy Mordkoff jlm at ZeeVee.Com
Thu Jun 25 13:10:23 UTC 2009

Will this code change more often than the base code? I suspect so.
Is this code required for the base code? No.
Does this code require that is be installed on the same system as base system? I suspect not.

All of these imply that this sw should be installable independently.

Anecdotally, my source control and bug tracking are on two different systems. I would be hesitant to install all of bugzilla on my source control system just to get the web client. Instead I would resort to manually copying it from my bugzilla system to my source control system, after which I would lose any tracking for bug fixing, etc.


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I have ready what might serve as a first version of a complete Perl
client for the Bugzilla Webservice API. See


It is in the standard format of a Perl module, meaning there is a
Makefile.PL and a test suite, which includes a
fair couple of integration tests.

Question is how to proceed. I can imagine two things:

  a) Add it to the Bugzilla code base. This might very well be used to
test the webservices API.
  b) Publish it on CPAN.

My preferred solution would be a), as I had a good share of mails from
testers and similar well meaning persons
even 15 years after abandoning modules.


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