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Tosh, Michael J michael.j.tosh at lmco.com
Mon Jun 9 13:22:26 UTC 2008

Quoting Gervase Markham:
> Tosh, Michael J wrote:
> > Perhaps, Bugzilla needs to better incorporate release-level
> > indicators: 
> > -  Version Found (This is the existing version field)
> > -  Version Fixed (This could be combined with Target Milestone)
> >                  (but really should be a new single-select field)
> > -  Version(s) Affected  (This would be new, a multi-select option)
> This is, unfortunately, a long-standing debate. It's not that simple.
> For correctness, all would have to be multi-selects.

Version Fixed doesn't have to be a multi-select if Bugzilla continues to
recognize one bug is one software change in one branch.  I just mean
that the choices for those three fields should be the same per product,
and contain a sortkey field.

> And even then, you'd need some idea of version ordering. "This bug was
> fixed in version 2.3.1 - was that released before or after 3.0.0?")

Sortkeys.  Works for Target Milestone nicely.

> Releases need attached dates.

Which brings me to another nit, if we have sortkeys, we shouldn't also
sort by the value within that.  Take an example of two targets that have
the same sortkey, and then each bug has a deadline. 

Bug  product   target        deadline
1    product1  next_release  2008/06/01
7    product1  next_release  2008/07/02
4    product2  other_product 2008/06/01

Ok, off the soapbox, we can get back to the original discussion.
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